YOU Online Personal Training In Person Training Best Option
Your time Not governed by the trainers availability or schedule - it's YOUR time! Trainer can be selective about time slots and clients and may have a rigid schedule not open to flexibility. ONLINE
Accessibility Easier to communicate/reach via email, phone, skype,txt or social media etc. Trainers may not be available in your area? You may have to travel, you may also be tied down to a a particular gym ONLINE
Costs Pay for the plan that suits your aspirations, no cancellation/renewal fees. Dependent on gym subscriptions, cancellation fees, gym timetables, trainer availability. ONLINE
Extra help Video assistance at the click of a button. You can watch it as many times as you want. You have to wait to see/meet your trainer in person to get help. EITHER
Technique Help Video analysis to show you what areas need to be worked out. Trainer can watch it several times to provide constructive feedback. Physical real time critique, which can help with confidence and eliminate concerns. IN PERSON
Independence You control your goals, you control your schedule, you control what you can handle that day. Your goals are often dictated by the trainer’s preferences and what they want for you (can happen online as well.) ONLINE
Session Duration Your sessions take just as long as they need. No wasting time. The session time is governed by your goals. Sessions tend to be an hour because the trainer is forced to train that long by his or her company’s session standard, or gym booking  time. ONLINE
Travel No travel/limited travel required, saving fuel, fare or parking costs. Better use of your time. Travel expenses required for in person meeting and training, uses your time to get there and back. ONLINE