Online Fitness Packages


IDEAL FOR FOR YOUR FIRST TIME FITNESS EXPERIENCE: Consider this a kick start, towards a healthier, fitter you. If you’ve never been a gym bunny, or rarely for exercised or know that eating better is good for you, but have never tried it, then this is an ideal way to get yourself started.

It won’t be too much of a shock and we promise you will definitely feel better for it. And who knows, this first step might be the first of many you take along the road to improved fitness and health. This pack includes an exercise and nutrition plan, access to My Online Coach software and email and text support.


If fitness and health is a ladder, consider this 2 to 3 rungs up from our STANDARD package. Longer term so more gains. It comes with customised meal plus recipe plans, for those who aren’t too adventurous in the kitchen.

And remember, the beauty about this online training, is that you're not tied down to rushing around picking up the kids or the personal trainer standing there tapping his watch 'cos you're 10 minutes late! You are in control of your time and how you use it. This package includes telephone support as well.


To boldly go .. Apparently Captain Kirk was wearing a 'waist band' to disguise the weight he'd put on during a break in filming the original Star Trek TV series. Had he been on this package, he wouldn't have needed the extra support - maybe?

This program is for those people who are serious about their longer term fitness and health goals. It requires a longer period of commitment but still running on YOUR schedule and busy lifestyle with increased support from us and you can even spread the payments over 3 months.

You can view the software by using visiting the App Store and Google Play Links


The ten week plan with the DNA Health Profiler Kit. This amazing DNA Health Profiler Kit will allow you to learn how YOUR body reacts to certain types of nutrients, exercise and stresses within your environment. It will help you concentrate on the things that really matter and may provide you with additional answers to questions you've had about why your body acts the way it does to certain foods and reactions you may have experienced.

This program is for those who are serious about their long term health and fitness and who realise that it's a  journey without an end but with interesting pit stops along the way. Also supported by facebook group for community interaction.


For those wanting to get serious about their fitness and health, a 6 month plan which includes the DNA Health Profiler Kit. Don't believe the hype from the diet supplement industry. Losing weight and getting fitter takes time and is hard work. It it was easy, if there was no hard work involved then there would be no need for fitness coaches, nutritionists, or any of the specialised equipment used by athletes.

If you're serious about long term goals then this is the package for you. You will achieve an amazing transformation, wonder why you never started sooner plus with the DNA Health Profiler kit  you'll learn more about how YOUR body reacts to certain nutrients and exercise. All the support associated with the plans, plus the combined DELUX+ and SUPER facebook community groups.

You can view the software by using visiting the App Store and Google Play Links


Boxercise and boxing fitness offers an amazing fun, stress busting workout. It provides an all over body exercise experience that tones, provides endurance and can improve hand eye co-ordination skills.

For those with Parkinsons and other impaired motor movement disabilities, boxing fitness or Boxercise drills provide a way of helping slow cognitive decline, and therapeutic benefits of just hitting something hard to release all that pent up aggression is a huge bonus as well. Adding a short resistance band workout will also promote muscle growth and conditioning alongside a balanced nutritional diet.



Both these packs include Muhdo's unique DNA Health Profiling Kit. This kit will provide you with a profile showing you how predisposed you are to certain foods/nutrients and suggest things to avoid or include.

It will also provide a meal and workout plan.You could just purchase the product - we have an exclusive price for this - and follow the apps recommended workout and meal plans. However, if you use the profile in conjunction with us, we can monitor and fine tune your progress and even suggest changes or alternatives to your workout routine.

That's the major difference with using an app and using a fitness professional. Both are good, both should get results, but sometimes you need that little extra support to get you towards that goal you're striving for.