We eat what we are

Walking or running on a treadmill provides simulated, upright forward movement. Yes it’s good exercise and yes it can improve your cardio vascular endurance, but it lacks the challenge and stimulus of full range motion.

Anatomically, humans have evolved to move in 3 different planes:

Sagittal: forwards and backwards movements
Frontal: side to side movements
Transverse: twisting movements

We are denying ourselves that full range of body movement and totally ignoring our audio and visual skills designed to work in unison with our motor movements. Skills used for changing direction, avoiding obstacles, slowing down, speeding up, lengthening stride or shortening it for uphill terrain, these are never used when exercising within the mechanical confines of the gym - can't be good for us surely?

A bit like driving a performance car in one gear, at one speed and never changing direction, make no mistake, evolution has designed the human body for high performance.

Because (most of us) no longer need to chop down trees, build shelters, climb up, along or down, sprint away from danger or towards prey, we no longer derive the benefits of natural body development and fitness that was part our our survival.

Instead we now have a multi-billion pound industry devoted to providing or trying to provide systems and equipment to aid our fitness requirements. Paradoxically, in this fitness conscious age, overflowing with fitness equipment and advise, global obesity is said to be around 40%.

Denied these traditional rhythms of everyday movement, some of us even lack basic co-ordination skills because we have’t employed our bodies in all those planes of movement.

Don't use it, you lose it!

In addition our diet, our nutrition, has become so convoluted by fad and lifestyle, that we no longer instinctively know what food is harmful to us. Most of us now choose foods that have been artificially manipulated to stimulate the pleasure and reward responses within our brain.

In a world where we toiled the land, walked everywhere, built boats and shelters, fished and hunted, a carb rich, high calorific diet made perfect sense, but not now. Our food is so artificially processed and rich in sugars that our bodies are struggling and confused.

The American Journal of Clinical nutrition warns that processed sugars trigger the release of inflammatory messengers called cytokines - a group of proteins and peptides or glycoproteins that is secreted by certain immune system cells. These help regulate our immune system and its inflammation response, along with a process called haematopoiesis which produces blood cells.

This processes of inflammation is designed to becomes active when the body recognises foreign invasion like microbes, pollen or even chemicals but, foods such as sugar, fructose, artificial trans fats, vegetable and seed oils, refined carbs, excess alcohol and processed meats, can trigger the body’s inflammatory response; confused, your immune system attacks what it believes is a threat.

Persistent and constantly recurring inflammation, (chronic) triggered by these food items, can have drastic and sometimes devastating effects. According to a Harvard Medical School Report

Heart Disease

Have all been linked to chronic inflammation.

Serious long term inflammation can also lead to a depletion of stem cells; the body’s raw materials from which all other cells are generated. It can also induce tissue degeneration, resulting in accelerated ageing.

So it’s not just a case of eating to much .. but what we are eating.

It’s a difficult process to manage. We move around in a fast moving, time limited lifestyle.

No time to eat properly
No time to exercise
No time to rest

That's what we tell ourselves - but we do! Small changes can make big impacts on our long term health and yet we pander to the quick and easy, microwave menu, fast food pleasure.

Those reward and pleasure centres of the brain were never designed to be satiated by chicken nuggets or burgers. Alcohol and nicotine are regulated by age restriction - perhaps we should be thinking about regulating our fast and processed food consumption.

article by ACS FITNESS

“When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no ‘I’ll start tomorrow.’ Tomorrow is disease.”
V.L. Allinear

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