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DNA health profile for improving performance

DNA Insights

... personalised to improve your health & wellbeing using Epigenetics.

So what is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics controls how your genes behave. You are born with your genetic makeup, but epigenetics can be affect by your lifestyle: what you eat, exercise, environment etc.

Do you know how old you are? Of course you do, in years, but what about your chronological age how old is that?

Two ages: a chronological age and a biological one.

Exact number of years that you have been alive is your chronological and your biological age reflects how your cells are ageing. This biological age and your internal health can be affected by your diet, exercise, lifestyle and environment.

Muhdo lets you track how your lifestyle affects this gene expression allowing you to take control of your genetic health and will show you how old you are chronologically speaking - want two birthday parties? There you go -  just don't overdo the cake!

So how's it work

Personalised to improve your health

Your Muhdo kit has complete instructions on how to take a saliva sample. This is sent off, again full instructions supplied and is analysed by Muhdo’s custom technology. This tech checks out 1,000 genetic areas providing 300 plus DNA outcomes – more than any other DNA health profile. Muhdo report on 5 core health areas and 11 key Health Insights.

After answering a few simple questions Muhdo’s bespoke algorithms will create a workout plan that is aligned to your DNA. You can’t get much more personalised than based on your DNA!

Download the Muhdo mobile app and you have all this information complete with recommendations to hand whenever you need it.... and dont forget contact us for an exclusive price on Muhdo's amazing product.