Boxing Fitness

A great all round body workout

Boxing fitness classes - Boxercise

Boxercise, Boxfit, IBFF Group Sparring*, all provide amazing full body workouts that are fun, empowering, and provide awesome stress relief. There's nothing better than punching a bag or pads to get rid of the day's tensions and of course there's the added bonus of using up all those calories!

We don't teach you how to box, if you fancy challenging your comfort zone and stepping in the ring, then you'll need a qualified boxing coach for that, but we do teach you the skills employed by boxers coupled with exercises, either as standalone, circuit or as part of a HiiT work out.

There are so many benefits from Boxing based exercise classes:

  healthier lifestyle
  feel good factor
  social (meet new friends)
✓  weight loss**

If you'd like to know more about the benefits of Boxercise you can download our FREE Boxercise E-Book

We offer group classes, one two one tuition and classes for schools and youth groups. These classes are offered at our Luton based ACS MAGFA studio in Luton, Bedfordshire or on site at schools and scout/guide groups.

*Italian Boxing Fitness federation