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There is no growth in comfort!

Personal training and fitness advice

You want to lose weight, you want to get fitter - awesome. Here's a little secret. The health food and weight loss industry, those who rely on the magic shakes, pills and 'unique' diet plans also want to help you, at a cost.

They want you to buy into the 'easy shop', 'one-stop miracle', weight loss solution.

There is no magic formula, but there is a formula ... and it isn't even a secret!

You ready for this.
Deep breath, drum roll ....

Eat less, exercise more!

That's it. In a nutshell that's what you need to know! No magic pills, shakes or mystic herbs.

  Less eat - more feet
  Less munch - more crunch

That being the case, then why employ a fitness instructor, personal trainer or nutrition coach?

Good question. And yes, we are over simplyfing, because sometimes other factors like health, restricted mobility, genetics can also play a factor. But in general for the average person, calory deficit will result in weight loss.

Now, you could try and do it all yourself - however, fitness proffessionals: will support your process, pick you up when you're down, listen to your fears and objections, celebrate your success', understand that it can be tough, empathise with your need for that sugar boost. Help give you the momentum you need, kickstart your motivation - everything that the magic slimming shake can't do!

So why should you get ACS FITNESS to help?

You shouldn't, in the sence that you have a choice, a wide choice and although we would be grateful to be part of your fitness journey, there are many other specialists out there who are superbly qualified in helping you with your health and fitness aspirations - what we're urging you to do is, if you don't choose us to help, then find someone else who can.

The road to fitness and better health can be a tough and long road - any journey undertaken in company always seems shorter compared to stepping out on one alone.

Our expertise

So what can I offer? Well David Brown, (me) as well as holding 2 martial arts black belts and several Self Defence and Reasonable Force diplomas, is also a:

Personal Trainer
 Boxercise Coach
 Boxfit Coach
 IBFF Groupsparring Coach
 Nutrition Coach (in training)

I aslo have apropriate insurance for both online and 'real world' training, advanced DBS Disclosure, Safeguarding and Protecting Children Qualification and Health & Safety qualifications.

During 2019 I embarked on my own healthier lifestyle program with help from a professional trainer and He pointed me in the direction I needed to go - and off I went!

I can help start you on that same journey, to become a fitter and healthier you!


Personal training and fitness advice
Personal training and fitness advice